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  • Can you also hang up your pictures in the bathroom, the conservatory or another damp room.
    If it is AluDibond or AluDibond butlerfinish, a hanging location that is regularly exposed to increased humidity is not a problem. Canvas, wood, MDF and paper pictures are not suitable for this!
  • When will my order arrive?
    As soon as your order has been handed over to the shipping service provider, you will receive an email with the shipment tracking.
  • Can one see your pictures in real life?
    Of course! Take a look at our locations to see which is closest. There you can see many original pictures.
  • Can I also get other dimensions in the pictures.
    Mostly yes. It is best to send us an email to with the title of your desired picture and the desired dimensions. We'll get back to you as soon as possible and make you an offer.
  • What is the best way to clean AluDibond pictures?
    The pictures can usually be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth, if necessary with the addition of a mild detergent. Please never use sharp, abrasive or caustic objects or cleaning agents.
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